A little mid-evening blogging:

  • Field recorder guide. Andy Dickinson made a great find: Brad Linder’s impressive list of posts on field recorders. An impressive resource for journos in search of sound-collecting machines (or who are victims of techno-lust).
  • Journalism is becoming a high-tech industry. And so it should, writes Danny Sanchez. It’s about approach, as much as tech.
  • Outing Godzilla. An interesting report from the front lines where the internet, users and user data collide. The issue of whether the ‘net is truly a “public space” generated much discussion in class last week, and so it should.
  • At last, a Facebook app that’s useful. Mathew Ingram thinks Google’s keyword-adaptable news feed is a good add for Facebook. So do I and not only as a user: watch the feeds of a large enough group of people who’ve set up their own keyword feeds and you’ve got another tool for measuring what news is making impact.
  • Feeling amateur. Mulling the idea that giving newspaper staff anything less than pro-level gear makes them feel less professional. Personally, I’ve never bought into the by-our-gear-ye-shall-know-us mindset, which seems to put the emphasis on the wrong things. That’s just me, though.