Immersed in media. Still.

  • Mobile Web sucks — or maybe it doesn’t. Mathew Ingram gathers some feedback to, and has some thoughts on, Scott Karp’s post on the not-yet-ready-for-primetime world of the mobile web.
  • A career move. Ryan Sholin has taken on a new job and, in his report about it, has this message aimed at journalism students: “Blogging about what you’re passionate about gets you work that you’re passionate about.” The only amendment I would make to that is “blogging well.” Congrats, Ryan.
  • National Post redesign launches with vertical nameplate, section headers. I’ve only seen the web photos and not the real thing, but the redesign of one of Canada’s two national newspapers looks interesting and very, very vertical. I may have to break down a buy a dead-tree edition to give it a deeper look.
  • Broadband Emmys Go To MediaStorm,, There are four new Emmys for broadband work. Newspapers claimed two. Brian Storm’s excellent online-only multimedia production and publication site a third. The fourth went to PBS.
  • Analysts warn newspaper groups lack ‘strategic focus’. The report is from Britain; the analysis isn’t too much different from what we’re hearing in the Americas.
  • Burmese Students Cellblog From Protests. Yes, citizens armed with cellphones and internet connections are important and they are increasingly writing “the first draft of history.”