If all media were as vibrant as the media blogosphere, we’d all be in much better shape.

  • Stop Protecting Broadcasters. Michael Geist has some thoughts on a report that calls for major changes in the way Canadian broadcasters are regulated. The industry is not fond of the ideas being presented.
  • Making a Business of Citizen Media. Dan Gillmor has launched a series of posts examining the potential for turning citizen media into a money-making business. Will be worth following closely.
  • “At War”: Documentary Filmmaking at its Best. David Nolan has a rave review of a new documentary, which contains this: “…my feeling is that we are pursuing the wrong model in some cases. We should be thinking about the long term documentary project more when it comes to video.” This seems a logical next step. If newspaper reporters can produce in-depth, multipart text reports, why not docs?
  • Finding National Stars to Cover the Hyperlocal. Len Witt continues his writings on representative journalism, this time suggesting high-powered journalists may be able to find a home doing hyperlocal coverage. If you haven’t read his previous posts on the repj idea, now might be a good time.