I really should be dong housework, but the ‘net is too damned addictive:

  • Big Media’s Big Showdown. Yet another set of Canadian government hearings on “media diversity” and ownership. Marc Edge, writing in The Tyee, wonders if these will be any more effective than previous efforts.
  • Thoughts about the ONA finalists. Mindy McAdams has started running an expert eye over some of the nominees for the Online Journalism Awards. There are a couple of pieces up including the one linked above and this in-depth critique of multimedia music journalism.
  • Gallagher: A bad idea mixed with the good ones. A LA Times editor has challenged college newspapers to drop print and go all-web. Bryan Murley has some thoughts on why that’s a bad idea and, not surprisingly, they echo the arguments against online only for most newspapers.
  • A model for the 21st century newsroom: pt1 – the news diamond. Oh my lord, this is good. Paul Bradshaw has begun the process of re-imagining the newsroom. This deserves to be widely read, pondered, discussed, annotated, added to…. Essential.