This post — Reality TV – in the newsroom? — has me wondering if new video rules at Britain’s Channel 5 are the equivalent of a recent attempt by a Texas newspaper to ban puns in headlines: something that strikes at the core of the art.

Among the new rules for news video are no more cutaways and no more contrived shots, such as the reporter and subject strolling while talking. In their effort to keep it real, they’ve also banned “noddys,” those after-the-interview shots of reporters re-asking their questions or nodding sagely.

Interesting. Some of these seem to toss out staples of TV news reporting. And they also seem to have the affect of lessening the emphasis on the reporter, in favour of the story, although I could be reading too much into the new rules.

Update: The comment Stewart Pittman has left is only an excerpt from a longer post he wrote on this at Lenslinger Blues.

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