From the RSS reader this morning:

  • Proposed: Death to Bylines. I know this will make some journalists shudder, but the point that journalism is now (and in some ways always has been) a collaborative affair is worth making and acknowledging. An aside: I’d like to see TV photojournalists acknowledged, the way credit is given to newspaper shooters.
  • I don’t care what journalists are reading; I care what they’re writing. Ryan Sholin: “I don’t need another filter — I need a sounding board and a request line.” Smart idea and one he’s willing to pursue. Although, again, I can feel the shudder of some journalists at his idea of including readers.
  • Introducing weekly gear and software column. Cliff Etzel is a new contributor to Angela Grant’s News Videographer. His first piece is an introduction with some hints of contrarian posts to come.
  • Big media hunts for Web cred, again. CNET has an article on something I’ve noticed: the accelerated pace of big media buying up web companies. The question asked is whether they really know what to do with them.
  • Top 10 Best Newspaper Websites. Staff at the Bivings Report think these 10 — led by the New York Times — are the best out there. Top 10 lists are always debatable, but these choices seem to be solid, with lots of ideas worth stealing emulating. Note: The headline really should be: Top 10 U.S. Newspaper Websites.
  • How to be a Wannabe – Part Two. A Reuters column on photojournalism done by non-journalists. Despite the use of the snide-laden term “wannabe” in the title, it’s a readable, interesting piece.