Oh, how the information rolls in.

  • Devalued families. Alan Mutter says a determined suitor and huge wads of cash outdo family protection plans for newspaper empires. My thoughts: who’s next, after the WSJ, or does any other newspaper have the necessary cachet?
  • Almost live from Wichita. Ron Silverster unleashes the power of smart phone reporting (he doesn’t say which model) to go live; his online editor is becoming convinced all reporters should be smart-phone equipped.
  • Everything is news: Hyperlocalpersonalbole. Andy Dickinson’s musings on the hyperlocal, the hyperpersonal and all the other buzzwords is the most thought-provoking of a recent raft of posts on “the new news.”
  • Video tools list for journalists. Angela Grant has whittled down an overwhelming list of tools for video journalists to a more manageable size. Thanks, Angela.
  • The Making of a Great Photography Website: Three Distinct Approaches. A fairly exhaustive look at three great websites from photographers. A great near-tutorial for those looking for an online presence that goes beyond Flickr and MySpace.
  • Romenesko and the WSJ. At least at this point in the day, Jim Romenesko’s column is almost entirely made up of links to Wall Street Journal-related items. Lots there.
  • Essential reading. Shane Richmond started it with a request for the essential readings about journalism. Paul Bradshaw jumped in with a list. Now, Martin Stabe has joined the party. It looks like my students will have a lot of reading to do this semester.