From the ‘net today:

  • Casio Unveils Two New Exilims. Two sub-$300 point-and-shoot diital cameras with a YouTube video mode: shoot, connect to computer, upload. All that’s missing is wireless.
  • Reconceiving storytelling at the Associated Press. AN interview with Ted Anthony, editor of AP’s multimedia portal, with lots to ponder about skillset and attitude for those moving into journalism.
  • Former BBC journalist shares online lessons. What the BBC has learned from adding video to the storytelling mix:P it takes time and it’s worthwhile.
  • MacUpdate Promo. Those wanting to dive into multimedia, and working on a budget, might want to consider this Mac-only deal, a $49.99 software bundle that includes both Graphic Converter for stills and the excellent Amadeus Pro for sound editing. It also includes some Mac utilities, the FTP program Fetch and the education presentation software ProfCast. Deal is time-limited.
  • Eight historical mistakes the newspaper industry made. Howard Owens looks back and details how newspapers missed the first opportunity to save themselves from the ‘net. I don’t agree with all his points, but it’s an interesting list.
  • Social Media Runs on ‘Friend’ Power. Mark Glaser and commenters delve into the whys of Facebook. Interestingly enough, Jay Rosen has joined the conversation, but on his Facebook wall in his Facebook notes, where it’s only available to friends.