Found recently on the web (and I’ve started labeling each squib, where appropriate, to add a little order):

  • BUSINESS: Where’s the Money Moving? Out of Media. An Ad Age column says that advertising losses may be due to the gain in other marketing services. The top of the column suggests this may be the sign of fundamental change.
  • TOOLS: Puffbox’s NewsMap goes global. An intertesting new tool for creating Google maps that allows for custom icons, and easy, in-order placement of points. No details yet on costs, but this could be a boon for newspapers.
  • IDEAS: The Digital Diner. A series of interviews, in text, with new media producers in the Bay area, from 1998 and 1999. At the Center for Digital Story Telling.
  • REPORTING: Kevin Sites Goes from Hot Spots to People of Web. Leonard Witt points to Kevin Sites new gig: short-form video docs and articles profiling a (so far) handful of folks using the web for such activities as watchdoging the police, spreading Christianity and more. Note: For some reason the Yahoo based site wouldn’t play the videos in Firefox; I had to switch to Safari to see them.
  • LEARNING: How To Make Your Own Web Mashup. A useful tutorial site for those tip-toeing into the new age of journalism and eager to explore some of the possibilities. I haven’t waded in, but there are links aplenty.
  • BUSINESS: When the winner is the loser. Terry Heaton with a thoughtfully deep essay in which he points out that in a no longer winner-takes-all broadcasting world, the answers are found in aggregation of abundance and community.
  • REPORTING: Refusing Gotcha Questions. In which a politician does his best to change some of the ways in which journalism is committed.