Interesting web stuff as another week nears its end:

  • Consider PJ’s future. Mark Hancock has a long and thoughtful post on the future of photojournalists, which includes some musings on the intriguing idea of individual and banded-together Renaissance journalists as competitors for reader loyalty.
  • If you knew sushi. Alan Mutter suggests that if newspapers are going to do “news you can use,” they can make it more worthy by making it more relevent.
  • Where have all the viewers gone? According to those who track such things, network television has had its worst spring ever in terms of viewers.
  • Big Media in the Backyard. A Poynter Centrepiece by Beth Macy, Roanoke Times reporter, on the realities (professional and personal) of being the local newspaper when big news breaks and the majors rush in. There’s some valuable information here for journalists and journalists-to-be, and not just about covering big stories.
  • Finally. (Guardian homepage gets a makeover). Paul Bradshaw has some thoughts on the redesigned Guardian web site, much of which (both Paul’s thoughts and the website) I really like.