Pure Digital’s point-and-shoot video camera is being rebranded — it’s now Flip — and relaunched with a new feature that allows shooters to upload directly to YouTube and Grouper. Smart move.

I have one of the handheld cameras and for the price — I paid $149US — it’s a neat little bit of tech and something those just getting into video might want to consider. (I reviewed the non-YouTube version I have last June.) The new version comes in two models: $119US for a 30-minute shooter and $149US for a full hour of shooting.

This is the kind of tool an aspiring newspaper video-maker might want to slip into the camera bag (or pocket) as a tool for exploring the possibilities. There’s no zoom (well, there is a fairly useless digital zoom) and the sound quality is only good up close, but it offers an inexpensive way to practice the art of getting good shots.