Some posts about what’s happening with journalism and media:

  • Update 1: Canadian readership 2006. Freesheet readership is plateauing in two major Canadian cities according to recent numbers. And included in the report is news that 24 Hours, the magazine-sized freesheet that appears in a number of Canadian cities, is upsizing to tab.
  • Update 2: IDG’s InfoWorld Magazine To Close Down; Focus on Online/Events. A major tech print publication is going fully web. I suspect it won’t be the first specialty publication to make the move. UPDATE: Scott Karp has some thoughts.
  • Update 3: Picking Apart the State of the News Media Report. Mark Glaser with his promised round-up of some of the reaction to the State of the Media report. It’s a nice addition to the conversation.
  • Publisher outsources production jobs. There’s always been regional consolidation of production tasks among small newspapers, but this, in New Zealand, seems to be a magnitude or two greater than that. UPDATE: Jeff Jarvis likes the idea.
  • SF Chronicle in Trouble? Tech guy Tim O’Reilly reports on rumours of more trouble for the venerable Bay area newspaper and kicks off a discussion in the comments about the value of the local newspaper.
  • A new breed of USA free papers: Watch out! Juan Antonio Giner has some covers of recently launched freesheets from the U.S. and says the revolution is beginning. One note of interest: the OC Post has remixed the freesheet idea a little. It charges a quarter an issue and does home delivery for less than $20 a year.
  • I got new wheels. Just for fun: Mark Hancock is very happy with his new truck and one of the reasons is the colour. Mark, obviously a photojournalist right down to the bone, thinks he may be able to use it as a gray card.