These have caught my eye so far today:

  • Getting good: Ira Glass’ advice. Bryan Murley brings together a couple of threads and spreads a valuable message primarily for college journalism students but that applies to all of us: to get good at anything you have to do it and do it and do it some more. And if you haven’t watched the videos of Ira Glass talking about storytelling yet, you really should.
  • On being scooped. Deborah Jones has some thoughts on media ignoring media after reading the NY Times public editor taking his newspaper to task for ignoring stories broken by other media. Insularity and arrogance don’t serve the public well.
  • How to go multimedia: steps and ideas. A brief but interesting look at the steps taken by one newspaper as it goes from print to the net.
  • Getty Images gets Scoopt. The citizen-photojournalism “stock agency” has been acquired by a big player. No word yet one whether the current 50-50 split for proceeds for image licencing will continue.
  • The new news(room). Jeff Jarvis muses on the physical and cultural changes necessary for the newsroom.
  • Fairfax fights mX with website. Competing with a freesheet by launching a website seems only partially effective. If freesheets are the commuters’ papers, wouldn’t it make more sense to hit back with mobile?