Media-related bits and pieces from the web:

  • Google Your Dream Home. An agreement between some real estate companies and Google. Nothing too earth-shaking here, but if I were the publisher of a newspaper, particularly a suburban newspaper where real estate advertising is a big deal, I’d keep an eye on where this might be leading.
  • Refashions Itself as a Social Network. Steve Rubel doesn’t think they’ve gone far enough, but likes the idea of reader comments, profile pages, story tagging and recommendations. Update: Stowe Boyd doesn’t thing this is the right direction to take. Update2: Ryan Sholin likes a lot of the site, but has some design advice. Update 3: Mathew Ingram thinks that newspapers have to get social.
  • Getting published. A couple of students from our journalism program have discovered the joys of user-submitted sites for getting their work out. Steve Smysnuik has a four-star rated piece at Orato; Dhiren Mahiban covered last night’s Vancouver Giants hockey game and filed text and audio at Now Public.