Transformer newspaper ad:

I’m having trouble believing this is real:

The Newspapers Association of America (NAA) kicks off its literacy campaign with a selective list of celebrity talent. The legendary film and television star, OPTIMUS PRIME was chosen as a spokesman to help promote the importance of reading newspapers. This ad continues OPTIMUS PRIME’s rich legacy of public service – he regularly concluded his animated broadcasts with an intimate and encouraging public service message

Even if I had the words to respond to this, I wouldn’t know where to start, although “clueless” and “hopeless” come to mind.

I discovered this through Rex Sorgatz, who wrote: “I officially declare this the end of media irony.”

UPDATE: A little poking around shows this is oldish news, from last November and part of a series of partnerships between the NAA and a variety of entertainment companies, where the NAA uses pop culture images in attempts to woo young readers and, presumably, the manufacturers and filmmakers tie themselves to literacy efforts. Other deals have used penguins from the movie “Happy Feet,” Thomas the Tank Engine and, most recently, characters from something called “Arthur and the Incredibles.”

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