Media-related stuff on the ‘net includes:

  • Use low-cost cameras to file video reports from the field. Robb Montgomery of Visual Editors provides the proof with a series of reports, all shot with what he calls “the stealth multimedia tool.”
  • Newspaper Video: Editing and apps. Speaking of video, Andy Dickson has an absolutely essential guide to editing programs for Windows and Macs. In two parts.
  • Newspapers Lose Ground in Web-Savvy Schools. Reuters is reporting that fewer teachers are using newspapers in the classroom, turning instead to online news sites. As an old newspaper guy, this hurts: “Students do not relate to newspapers at all, any more than they would to vinyl records.” Via I Want Media.
  • Media 2.0 workgroup. A new aggregation of folks who comment on all aspects of the new media age. I’m giving it a try, which was made easier by the fact there’s a single RSS feed for all the bloggers.
  • Training 1,500 journalists. The latest in a string of reports on how legacy media companies are turning loose the trainers. A decade after newspapers first started exploring the web, it seems we have reached the tipping point for a new way of newspapering.