Starting early today. More, possibly, later in the day.

  • YouTubers to get ad money share. It’s coming “in a couple of months,” according to the BBC. This will change things and is part of the growing recognition that those who create good content for you deserve to get paid.
  • LA Times. Douglas Fisher teases out the core of the LA Times reinvention announcement from earlier this week and adds the observation that, “The industry clearly is beginning to panic; its demands for change will soon be felt in the academy…”
  • Interviewing tips. John Robinson thought my students might be interested in this. I am, too, and not just because it’s a pretty good wrap-up of tips for conducting good interviews. Mainly it’s because a newspaper editor is putting some of the tools of the trade out there, not just for the edification of journalists, but for the public at large. There’s enough in there to help them play along. Even if they don’t want to commit journalism, it gives them a deeper understanding of how it’s done.
  • Update 1: Shiny equipment blinds everyone to real quality issue.Angela Grant wants the debate over high-end vs. low-end video equipment in the newsroom to stop. She writes: “The true issue is TRAINING and giving the reporters enough TIME to worry about their print product, but also shoot/edit good video.” Agreed.
  • Update 2: Pixel2Life: Free tutorial search engine. Learning just got easier. Tech-oriented, but of particular interest to “new age” journalists are sections on databases and audio and video editing. Via J.D. Lasica.
  • Update 3: The next step after multimedia and interactivity? Just add data. Ryan Sholin, who I really should be reading more often, wants newspaper to get databases working for them and their readers.