My man with the TV camera, Stewart Pittman, has a new post that brings something valuable to the debate over newspaper use of video. In Fish wrap video, Stewart pits himself against some of the arrogance coming out of the newspaper world.

Wisely, many in print are urging their fellow scribes to forge a new medium onto itself: a brand of video storytelling vastly different from the shrill thundering of the nightly newscast. But in rallying their masses, some newspaper people prove once and for all that we in TV hold no patent on myopic arrogance.

He then tees off on Howard Owens (whom I squibbed this morning) for suggesting that newspaper folk will produce better video stories than the TV folk.

Stewart wants newspaper folk getting into the video game to take a long, hard look at the best of TV video journalism, before they go off to invent a new form of video journalism.

Hear, hear. I’ve written that newspapers shouldn’t take the model of TV newscast video as The Model as they move into video. There’s so much potential with the form, and so much about the internet that frees storytellers from the traditional strictures of time straight-jackets and the need to get the talent on camera.

But that doesn’t mean we start without any reference to the sterling work that is the best of TV journalism. Or, as Stewart writes:

…the amalgamation of our two mediums would greatly improve the information stream – and where better to showcase it than on-line?

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