Some reading and viewing for today (or bookmark it for those quiet Christmas times):

  • The Future Is Here, But Do News Media Companies See It? Chris Willis and Shayne Bowman at Hypergene Media Blog with a comprehensive look at the forces pulling at media, how the media is responding, and what it all means. Consider it a vital primer for where we are and some of what it means.
  • Sun-Times posts 21% decline in circulation. In which the Chicago newspaper joins the LA Times and Philadelphia News as poster children for the “woeful state” of newspapers. Via
  • The best-case scenario, five years out. Steve Yelvington with just under 500 words on what the local newspaper may look like in five years. My first response: if newspapers weren’t so inherently conservative,they could probably get there in two years, not five.
  • Reuters video installed. Lloyd Shepherd has installed the new Reuters video player at Lloyd@work (implicitly turning it into a news site) and has some ideas for making it better.
  • The newsroom as classroom. Jeff Jarvis has posted the second piece of his series on reinventing newspapers. The short version: give them the technology, stand back, let them play. Makes sense.