Some internet reading for the weekend:

  • Two Washington Posts May Be Better Than One. Jay Rosen on the flap over the Froomkin column and why two newsrooms are better than one. A good read, with a a compelling argument.
  • One newsroom, two newsrooms, or none? Jeff Jarvis responds to Jay Rosen, also with compelling arguments. On balance, I’m with Jay at the moment, but give me a year and we’ll be at the stage where I’ll be backing Jeff.
  • Cutting edge. At the new-to-me blog Hart’s Big Picture (now bookmarked for daily reading), a reminder that while there’s a cry for journalists to have cutting edge skills, some of those doing the hiring are looking that hard at the future.
  • Journalists do it every day. Bob Stepno with a reminder that much-dissed professional journalists deserve recognition for what they do.
  • Copyright and blog extracts. Lloyd Shepherd with one of the most common-sense responses I’ve seen to an internet piece that wonders when big media will start going after bloggers for copyright infringement.