Found while browsing (and updated throughout the day as a way of bringing you back):

  • The Press: The Enemy Within. Michael Massing has a long piece in the New York Review of Books dissecting the performance of the media on a number of fronts. Interesting and thought-provoking reading. Discovered through Typeface.
  • The last presses. I’m late to this but it’s an important piece by Jeff Jarvis. I don’t think Jeff gives nearly enough credit to what some U.S. newspaper publishers are doing, but there are any number of vital points made.
  • Meet the Press moves online. What’s interesting is not so much that things like this continue to happen, but the speed with which it’s all unfolding. Via Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire.
  • Jeff Jarvis reporting that Yahoo has just bought social bookmarker Yikes! Yahoo is rolling all sort of user-created content together. It may be time for a remake of Epic 2015. UPDATE: Steve Rubel has more, including a screenshot of his IM chat with Joshua Schachter.
  • Online Rights Canada. I’ve just added this to my daily-read bookmark list. Online Rights Canada is a project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Canadian Internet Public Policy & Interest Clinic (yeah, we Canadians suck when it comes to creating catchy titles.). In an era of creation and the blurring of the line between “publisher” and “reader” rights issues are becoming increasingly complex and important. More about the new site here. Via Michael Geist.