Posting is going to get a little patchy, as I try to squeeze in a late-summer holiday before classes resume in early September.

It’s road-trip time beginning tomorrow morning, with an amble across the southern part of B.C. and Alberta, and down the western side of Montana, with the first goal being Salt Lake City sometime next week. From there, it’s over to Boulder in the waning days of the month for a short stay, before coming back home by way of Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. I’ve never been to Montana, Utah, Colorado or Idaho and am quite looking forward to it all.

The plan is to cover a lot of miles, see a lot of things, visit a few people, chill…all the good things about holidays. Along the way I may try some more experiments with time-lapse photography, audio and even video. I’ll be posting when I can, both to this blog and to my Flickr site.