Among those providing strong, strong coverage of the horrific bombings in London:

Wikipedia. Yes, Wikipedia, which is out-doing Wikinews, as it brings together dozens of different threads of the story.

The Guardian, particularly its compelling news blog and the growing eyewitness blog reports.

CBC’s main report and associated special reports, including multimedia, timelines, eyewitness accounts and more.

And, on what the coverage all means, the always excellent Tim Porter, whose long post includes this:

The first-day story no longer belongs to newspapers – and hasn’t for a long time. It isn’t even the property of professional journalists any longer.

UPDATE: I’m still catching up on the story and the internet coverage. Add Boing Boing to the list of web sites that are providing valuable links related to the story. Amazing: a site that specializes in bringing us news of the weird and the wonderful becomes a media point for breaking news.

UPDATE II: The Wall Street Journal has a good story, liberally linked, about how blogs reported on and dealt with the terrorist attack.