1. The post that follows this may not make a lot of sense, and it has a typo or two I need to fix, but I’m going to leave it pretty much alone. It was an attempt at live blogging a presentation at the Northern Voice blogging conference here in Vancouver. When (if) you read it, you have to know most of what’s there is the voice of the speaker, Stephen Downes, and not me.

2. Interesting this: the Vancouver Sun, our local “serious” daily, did a two-page takeout on blogging today, yet I didn’t see a single one of the 225 bloggers at the convention reading The Sun. What does that mean? Are we an insular bunch? Have we given up on The Sun? Or did it just not seem as interesting as sitting around and talking about it?

3. Hossein Derakhshan, the newly-minted Canadian citizen who has driven much of the explosion in Persian and Iranian blogs, truly is a nice man. He was on the citizen journalism panel and was thoughtful and articulate. I had a chance to talk to him briefly, and he is all of that and more.

4. Props to the organizers of the conference for doing a great job of putting together an interesting day. Great speakers, some nice panels, a chance to put faces and voices to some of those ‘net people (Eric Rice, Suw Charman, Robert Scoble and others). Good times.