A 14-year, award-winning reporter for the Toronto Star is the latest to have a problem with writing her own story. Prithi Yelaja got caught by an alert reader who noticed great similarities between her article about an American army deserter and a piece that recently appeared in the Village Voice.

The Star reported: “In all, nearly a third of the Star’s story as printed, was rooted in the two-day-old Village Voice account [~] a printout of which Yelaja was given before she travelled with a photographer to St. Catharines for the assignment. The published story, shortened for space reasons, still added up to plagiarism, which the Star’s policy manual calls ‘a very serious offence.’

The Star also noted that Yelaja “had ignored a doctor’s advice to take medical leave” at the time of the assignment. There’s no indication in the article what disciplinary action, other than publication of details of the case, has been taken.