In a recent post I wondered if those running the Vancouver Sun web site had ever looked at how other newspaper sites operate. Right now, I’m wondering if they look at their own web site.

Since late last night, and all through today, they’ve had a portrait of Toni Onley as the main image on their Web site. The only information with the photo is a caption stating that it is a recent portrait and mentioning that Onley won the Order of Canada.

There’s nothing else — no headline, no story, nothing — that indicates that Onley was killed in a plane crash. There is a link, nowhere near the photo, that reads: “B.C. artist a national treasure.”

Anyone who came to the site not having heard of the tragic loss of a great artist would have no indication that he had died. Apparently, the Canwest-Global web folk have decided that news sites don’t really have to tell you the news.

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